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VCS Cluster account replication fail

Hi all,

A customer has an environment with two VCS cluster everything works fine but if I create a new account on the VCS Master is successfully replicated the username but not the password.

If I log in the VCS Slave and force change the user's password, the Master VCS overwrite the password. And I can't log in whit new user


Someone have any idea?

Thanks in advance


Hi Artemisio,

Which version are the VCSs on? Hopefully the exact same version on all peers in the cluster? I can remember a previous bug related to this, but that was on an old version. Are you running X7.2 final?

In the "developer_log"-file, you can see the replication messages, so first of all I would take a look there. You can find this if you login as root and go to the directory “/mnt/harddisk/log” (type cat /mnt/harddisk/log/developer_log and trace all output in your SSH client, or use SCP or similar to download the logs).

Other Qs:

- Is the cluster managed by TMS?

- What’s the latency between the VCSs in the cluster (round trip delay - TTL)? You can check this in VCS root by ping the other peers.

- What’s the username (and password, if you want to share you are trying to replicate? Any special chars etc.?

- Any security option keys enabled on the VCS (116341J00-1-xxxxxxxx)? Which options do you have?



Alok Jaiswal
Cisco Employee

Hi Artemisio,

As mentioned by Arne the bug does exist in old vcs software version.


Admin accounts not replicated across a cluster:

Symptoms: if a new administrator account is created on a cluster master peer, that same account is not created on the non-master peers.

Conditions: problem exists from X5.2 and is fixed in X7.1.

Workaround: after creating a new account on master peer, restart each non-master peer in turn to activate the account. Make sure the non-master peer has completed its restart before restarting another peer.

But we would like to know what versino you are using.

Also if you have any other version running please open a TAC case for that.



Thank you for answers

The current release of VCSes is X 7.0.2.

Next week I will do the upgrade.

Unfortunately I can not reboot the system for now.

I'll keep you updated.

Best Regards


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