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VCS Control/Expressway Setup

Can you set up multiple Traversal Clients on a VCS-C that each go to a different VCS-E? Currently, we have a VCS control cluster and one Expressway located domestically. We want to set up a second expressway in another global location to allow firewall traversal from there as well. These will not be clustered expressways, each will have its own public IP to allow external calls in/out to us. Is this just as simple as setting up 2 traversal client zones on the Control and then setting up each Expressway as a traversal server?


VCS Control/Expressway Setup

Having never tried it, as far as I know there is nothing to stop you from doing it.  I don't think there is a latency limitation for the traversal zone.

To make it more efficient, you're going to want to setup your dial plan so that you can direct appropriate calls to the appropriate VCS-E (i.e. Search rules for each zone).

FYI the VCS-E itself can also act as a Traversal Client, if that's helpful.  It may also be better to simply Neighbor the 2 VCS-E's together, as long as your dial plan is setup to support this appropriately.  Without detailed knowledge of your topology and requirements it's difficult to make a clear suggestion though.


Re: VCS Control/Expressway Setup

Yes you just need to ensue that the new Zone for traversal server and client peering uses a different port number to the other Zones.


Zone1 = VCS Control 1 (Traversal Server) and VCS ExpressWay 1 (Traversal Client) using port 6013

Zone2 = VCS Control 1 (Traversal Server) and VCS ExpressWay 2 (Traversal Client) using port 6014

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VCS Control/Expressway Setup

Yes, this is possible. I have recently set up a similar environment where one VCS Control is connected to 2 VCS Expressways in different locations, both with their own external IP address.

Both VCS Expressways have their own Zone on the VCS Control.

One VCS Expressway is connected to the Default Subzone, the 2nd VCS Expressway is connected to a different Subzone.

The issue I had was to make sure that the VCS Control could route traffic to the external IP of the 2nd VCS Expressway without going via the first VCS Expressway, but once that route was known it worked perfectly..

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