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Haydn von Imhof

VCS Factory Reset

Hi All

I have a VCS control that seems to have given up on life.

I can ping the VCS control but the web interface will not load.

I can SSH to the box but I am unable to log in as the unit will not accept any username or password I use.

From the font panel on the VCS control if I try change the IP address the LCD screen displays a system error.

Is there a way I can factory reset the VCS control using a keyboard and monitor plugged to the VCS or using any command on the front panel.

Magnus Ohm
Cisco Employee

Hi haydn

Are you able to connect to it using a console cable and factory reset it that way?


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I will try that now..

Would i need to log in using the root account then?

For factory reset on VCS, login as root then execute “factory-reset” command.

If this doesn’t help, interesting to see what error message or boot log on console port.

When trying to change the IP address from the front panel I get the below error message.

“Failed – Errorcode -1”

I am still trying to see if I can access the box through the console port, just busy looking for USB to RS232 drivers for Windows 8


The HTTP response I get from the VCS is HTTP 500 Internal Server Error.

Hi haydn,

Can you tell me if you already finding a solution for this error :

" HTTP 500 Internal Server Error".

I have the same issue and i need help.

In my Case, i can not acces to my expressway edge after putting certificates on the two nodes, i can not access from http, https, ssh and telnet.

Best regards,

As this is a 3 year old thread I would recommend that you open a new

discussion and check give some more information there (like which versions you use, how you created the certificates, how does the network setup look like, ...)

As its most likely a virtual machine you should also check on the virtual console.

If you get a 500 server error you btw access the server. If you use ssh or telnet, how does it fail?

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Haydn von Imhof

If i try log on to the VCS using putty to the IP if the server and using root the VCS does not accept the password.


login as root via serial cable and execute /sbin/factory-reset

the rest is Yes or No to your liking.

Dalibor Mitic

Did you solve the problem? I have the exact same situation.

Nope the problem was not solved.

Best is to check on the serial port and see whats going on,

either if you see some thing crashing or to try a factory default and reimage the vcs.

If you do not find a driver for your usb cable, try to use a linux distribution,

they often have drivers included for most of the serial cables, at least i never

had one which did not work out of the box.

You can easily run a linux live cd in a virtual session and still connect to the usb port.

If all fails contact tac

Please remember to rate helpful responses and identify


Open a TAC case, 500 error is not good.

regards, Ahmad

We found out what was the problem. Apache server had stack and the problem was wrong certificate. We did factory reset, keep IP, password but delete certificate. Now Web server start works fine again.

Hi There

How did you perform the factory reset?

I can’t login to my VCS through serial or the web interface it won’t accept any of the usernames and passwords, not even the root account. so i cant do the reset that way.

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