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Rishu Kumar

VCS integration with Avaya CM5


We have a recruitment from one client to integrate VCS with Avaya CM5 ,so that uses can join conf. call from Avaya IP phone and it has to happen over H.323 as client don't have session manager.

We created H.323 trunk at Avaya end and neighbor Zone at VCS. Neighbor zone shows active and trunk group show in service at avaya end.

Now when i am dialing IP phone's no from VC endpoint calls goes fine. But as soon as we are dialing trunk group access no. from IP phone it gives disconnection tone and don't allow to dial any further.

Attached is sample conf. at avaya end that we did.

Requested suggestion on this integration .


Rishu kumar


Hi Rishu,

you are using x4.2 VCS software version. we don't support that version of software anymore. please first try to upgrade to x7.2.2 and if the problem doesn't go away, repost your error then.



by the way I forgot to say you cannot upgrade straight from x4.2 to x7.2.2.

try to upgrade to x5.2 first then x6.1 then x7.2.2

Hi Ahmad

VCS i am using is x7.2.2 only file i posted is a samle conf. only .same conf. we are using at Avaya end, please help me out with any documentation if available on Avaya and VCS integration using H.323


Rishu Kumar


the document you attached showed that x4.2 is used. i don't know any document as such but you can enable debug mode and post the exact error you see, and maybe there is something misconfigured there that needs to be fixed or there could be a workaround. we have integrated VCS to many different servers and I would be really surprise it doesn't integrate with avaya.

Hi Rishu,

How are you?

Since all the calls from VCS registered endpoint to H323 phones on ACM are running fine but on the other direction are failing I would assume that the trunk group configuration is incorrect.

As reference you may want to check this document from the link. It is for h225 trunk with CUCM but still , the Avaya trunk config part could be useful for you .

Perhaps someone here more familiar with ACM could shed more light but sample config on VCS should look like this:

-Neighbor peer address should be the one as configured in ACM (check with list IP-interface all)

-Check if the VCS is listed under Node name/ IP Address.

-Searches are automatically responded to: Off (default)

-Empty INVITE allowed: ON (default).

-Search rule:

Match 1:

                Mode: PatternMatch,

                Priority: 50

Pattern String: ^\d{5}$, (where ^\d{5}$ represents the prefix and 5 digit extension used to forward telephone calls to the ACM).

Pattern type: RegEx

Pattern behavior: Leave

Make sure also that SIP is off for that zone.


Hi Andrey,

I am good, How are you ?

I have Some update on this

Port 1719 was unidirectional thats why a was having one way call , now i am able to dial both way from Avaya IP phone to VC and from VC to IP phone.

But call is getting disconnected in somr 10 to 15 sec , i had a trace on VCS found one error

"" Failed to connect out bond  H.245 TCP connection .""

Any suggestion on this.


Rishu Kumar

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