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Tolulope Osho

VCS Registrations

Hi All,

I have two endpoints configured to register with a Cisco VCs over a WAN connection however the endpoints have failed to register with the H323 id as I always get the error "gatekeeper registrations retries expired". though it registers with the SIP protocol but automatically unregisters after about a 60sec.

I have checked the Cisco VCS event logs and could not find any h323 registration request for the endpoint in the event log, for the sip registrations, it actually shows that the endpoint registered unregistered because endpoint became unresponsive.

Can anyone help with this?


Cisco Employee

Hi Tolulope,

I guess that is a new setup and it has not worked before, correct?

Try to run tcpdump on the VCS expressway and on the endpoint (if it of course supports that, I dont know what is the endpoint) , alternatively  get the traffic on the mirrored switchport.

Check if RRQ gets on the wire and the destination is correct.

Anyway I would suggest raisng a support case with TAC for more assistance;

Hi Andrey,

Thanks for your prompt response, it is a new deployment, however it is working for endpoints that are on the same LAN with the Cisco VCS without any issues.

There is no VCS Expressway in the mix as the WAN is an extension of a corporate network.

I guess it would be worth mentioning that Polycom endpoints on the corporate WAN register to the same VCS without issues.

I agree with Andrey. You will need to verify all the messages are sent and received on each end. You can do this by taking a tcpdump on each side or by taking a debug diagnostic log on the VCS and depending on what protocol you are troubleshooting and the endpoint the logs vary:

For a TC endpoint you can log in as admin

log output on

to debug H323

log ctx H323Packet debug 9

to debug SIP

log ctx SipPacket debug 9

and of course a tcpdump or port span can also be done.

TelePresence Infrastructure Technical Handbook

TelePresence Endpoint Technical Handbook


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