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VCS starterPack behind firewall

Hi All,

I have a small issue to setup my VC properly.

Basically the design of my solution as follow:     

LAN ---------> VCS (StarterPack)  

   |_______> Internet Gateway (2911) (ADSL with Fixed Public IP)  --------------  Internet  -------->  MOVI (jabber video client) or EX60

So we have a VCS StarterPack with dual interface option enabled and ADSL with a fixed IP. Basically our EX60 and MOVI are working fine over the LAN but when I try to register my MOVI from outside it is not working.

We are using the same public IP stated above for publishing our Mail using only the port 443 so I need to know what are the NAT (PAT) required for the the VCS to be published over internet and MOVI or EX60 will register to the same VCS.

Waiting for your feedback.




Re: VCS starterPack behind firewall

have you got the Dual NIC License installed? If you want to use NAT you need this License.

You have to forward all required Ports to the VCS. This ports are shown unter VCS inbound ports. For more details look at the VCS Admin Guide, page 233:

Regards, Paul

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Regards, Paul

VCS starterPack behind firewall

One trouble might be that he has to use the outside ip to communicate even from the internal network,

even if he is not using the secondary port.

Most VCS are default, but its worth checking the used ports on the vcs under maintenance.

I also recall that the VCS-Esp might behave a bit strange regards to provisioning with two ips.

I did not had the time to test his deployment, but I have a VCS-E SP at home.

First step is to forward the proper ports and if something fails a sip trace can help

what ip to use where :-)

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VCS starterPack behind firewall


Some guys have just a dsl or cable modem and an ap, others tend to build an datacenter at home, but I have not met anyone who is deploying a whole telepresence infrastructure at home ;-)

Regards, Paul
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