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VCS upgrade X7.0.3 -> X7.1 problems

Paolo Missarelli


I can't upgrade my VCS Control to X7.1 version (from X7.0.3), both manually through web interface and from TMS (13.1.2) "System Upgrade".

Manually, after the file is loaded, I get the answer "Component installation failed: Missing a temporary folder.".

And more, I also noticed that when you try to backup system from web interface, it hangs up and after 4 minutes returns the message:"System error: System backup failed".

Instead, from TMS the backup seems to work (it ends up succesfully), but at this point I'm not so sure it is a reliable backup....

I also inform you that this morning I succesfully upgraded another VCS Expressway from rel. X7.0.3 to X7.1, it all worked well at the first shot.

Hope someone can help me.






One issue I have run into many times with the VCS 7.x upgrades is that the web interface is not refreshing correctly.  I will perform an upgrade, it will all look good and then at the last minute it will fail.

It seems to fail when sending out the restart or reboot command from either the Web interface or the Telnet(ssh) interface.

It is usually corrected by physically powering down the system and powering up the system (hard reboot).

This has fixed what you describe in about 10 upgrades I have performed.

I confirm that finally, after hard rebooting, the upgrade succeded.

Now these new alerts appeared:

Application failedThe OpenDS service has stopped unexpectedly and has been restartedRaisedWarningIf the problem persists, contact your Cisco representative2012-07-25 09:14:502012-07-25 09:14:5015017
B2BUA misconfigurationCannot start B2BUA application because cluster name configuration is missingRaisedWarningConfigure the cluster name on the Clustering page, and then restart the B2BUA service2012-07-25 09:14:312012-07-25 09:14:3155129
Configuration warningThe VCS is running in a legacy TMS Agent mode; you are recommended to switch your system to use a different modeRaisedWarningUse TMS to configure the VCS's connection to the TMS Provisioning Extension services and to switch to Provisioning Extension mode2012-07-25 09:14:532012-07-25 09:14:5345011
Directory service database failureThe directory service database is not runningRaisedWarningRestart the system2012-07-25 09:14:402012-07-25 09:14:4015016

Have you any suggestion?

Actually, the last one "Directory service database failure" was present also before upgrade, no reboot can solve it.......

All seems work fine, except the SIP trunk with MS Lync.

I cannot call to/from Lync clients as I did before.

Maybe a server restart from the Lync side is needed, as soon as the MS Lync technicians will provide it I will tell you.

Thanks again.


Does your VCS have "Device Provisioning" option Key? And are you runing Provisioning? E.g MOVI etc..

Also did you disable Provisioning before performing the upgrade of the VCS as per the guide?

My thoughts are..

The "Legacy TMS Agent mode" warning is because you are still running TMS agent in legacy mode instead of using TMSPE (the new way of provisioning). Don't have to worry too much about this as you can still run the Legacy TMS Agent mode on x7.1

As for the "Application failed" it is as it says that the "The OpenDS service has stopped unexpectedly and has been restarted". I suspect ist because u manually hard rebooted the VCS. Not that you had too much of a choice there. : )

Am not too sure about "B2BUA misconfiguration". But from the message it just seems to be wanting the cluster name.

Am not too sure about "Directory service database failure" but it just seems to want another restart. I would probably try that.

As for the SIP trunk with MS Lync.. is it using TCP ot TLS? If it is using TLS try changing it to TCP and see if it works. You will need to change it on Lync end as well. If it works with TCP then it could be due to (assuming nothing has changed in the network) the fact that VCS 7.1 uses a newer version of openssl 1.01d. I had a similar issue where the upon upgrading to x7.1 the SIP truink (to VCS Expressway) failed for TLS. But in our case there was some work being done on the FW.

Hope it helps

I have  "Device Provisioning" option Key but I don't run Provisioning.

I'm going to change to this mode later (I still don't know limitations / benefits fo this mode).

As you suggested, it wanted the cluster name.

Whit "Cluster name", "pre shared key" and "ip" (VCS Control ip) now B2BUA works fine and I can establish succesful sessions to/from MS Lynk endpoints.

I didn't know this was a prereqiusite (in the manual it seemed you could configure B2B2UA on a non-cluster machine).

Thank you, very much


Hi Paolo,

it seems to me you are using TLS and for some reason the cluster name has been removed from the VCS configuration.

so configure the cluster name again and restart the B2BUA service.

this is the reason that your calls to MS Lync is stopped working.

for directory service you might want to restart the provisioning service on the VCS but then it might require to purge the opends data and for that reason i recommend you to open a TAC case.

Application failed & The OpenDS service has stopped unexpectedly and has been restarted is very much related to directory service. this will be removed once the ddirectory service issue get fixed.

for TMS legacy mode warning its just a warning which says you are still reunning the old legacy mode..there is new architecture for provisioning which is provisioning extension and it doesn't use the legacy opends any more.



As I told Mayank (see my previous answer), with cluster name (I don't seem it was setted with the previous X.7.0.3 release) all works fine.

I didn't know that when using TLS you must configure cluster name.

I'll try on starting Provisioning service and see if the warnings disappear.

Thanks again


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