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Paul McGurn
Frequent Contributor

Video Address vs. Device address dialing (TMSPE + VCSc)

Could someone give me an overview of how dialing via address in a VCS + TMSPE layout is supposed to work?  It's my understanding that you should be able to dial via either URI, but what we're finding is that you ahve to dial via the Device address.

Magnus Ohm
Cisco Employee

hi, the video address is the findme address. If the device address is different and you are not using findme or the video address does not resolve to a client it won't work and you would have to dial the device uri.


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Paul McGurn
Frequent Contributor

Ah, that makes sense, since our VCSc doesn't have the FindMe option key.  So my choices to make this "end user simple" would be to either buy that key, or use the user's ID as their Device address pattern so that the phone book synchs and also doesn't show duplicate entries?

In the provisioning phonebook source you have advanced settings. By default the "Import provisioned devices" is ticked. So that means whenever you log in with a device e20, jabber, jabber for ipad these addresses will be added to the phonebook and the particular user who owns these devices.

With findme you can disable this import and you will only see one entry per user and by dialing this URI it will call the devices according to how the user setup their own rules for findme.

You could also disable findme in TMS Provisioning extension settings and leave both the Video Address pattern and the Device URI the same (if you are only proivisioning Jabber that is) {username}

There is a few ways to setup and twist how you want this to work so its really up to you what you want to do. Personally I would go for findme if users have several devices and you want only one URI to reach them all..


Paul McGurn
Frequent Contributor

Thanks for the detailed response.  Seems like Cisco is using FindMe as a tax in regards to making things simple as far as the phone book searches for people that may have multiple devices.  To be expected, but I'm glad I understand this a bit better now.

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