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Hu zhaotong

Video Call Duration Limiting (accounts based, Jabber / Movi)


Is there any way to auto disconnect the video calls from certain accounts (Jabber/Movi) after a certain call duration?

use for the demo acounts

Add policy on VCS or TMS or MCU?

Does write CPL on VCS can work?

Thanks in advance,

Tomonori Taniguchi
Cisco Employee

If you are looking for automatically terminate the conference call on MCU while conference created by certain SIP UAs, using TelePresence Conductor provide easy solution for it.

You can configure Limit the conference duration (minutes) in Conference template and TelePresence Conductor will manage conference duration as configured.

If you are also looking for automatically terminate the point-to-point call on certain SIP UAs, this is bit challenge especially SIP UAs registered cloud service which has no direct control.

You might need to control it by firewall by configuring ACL.

Thanks a lot Tomonori!

These two methods you provided are good, although I do not have the TelePresence Conductor to test, I do think it will work. As the scenario I provided, without extra devices and architecture, I think it can not be achieved.

I did some reach about CPL, VCS does not currently support some elements that are described in the CPL RFC.

If you are trying to manage MCU conference call only and familiar with MCU API, you may use API to monitor conference duration and modify it to limit conference call to 30 min.

Each conference can be specified active conference duration by using “durationSeconds” API command.

So idea is to monitor active conference parameter and modify conference duration to 1800 seconds if parameter is other than 1800 sec.

This approach only require additional PC to monitor and manage MCU by API.

FYI, this is now filed as feature enhancement request to VCS.

We will look into what we can do for managing call duration on call go through VCS even point-to-point call.

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