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Video Call to a conference room

Hi dears!

My customer have an environment with endpoints TANDBERG, MCU, TMS and VCS.

Nowadays they can to make call using the ip address of destination, but the customer needs to make a call to a conference room and this conference room has a number.

We would like to now if it is possível and if yes, what configuration is required, in the TANDBERG, or VCS or TMS or MCU.

We try to make this calls with the follows ways:

8030@  -  Call Failed  -  Call Failed  -  Call Failed,,8030  -  Call Failed, 8030  -  Call Failed  -  Call Failed  -  Call Failed*8030  -  Call Failed
The IP ADDRESS is and the conference room is 8030.
Some idea?

Video Call to a conference room

Is the system registered to the VCS as a H323 device and does is register with the E164 number?

The best way would be to register all devices to the VCS as SIP and H323. Then you can directly call between the devices with either the E164 number, the SIP URI or the H323 name.

If you have old system which only support H323 you can activate SIP to H323 interworking in the VCS.

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Video Call to a conference room

Hi Christian! Thanks for you reply!

The target system (Conference Room) needs to be registered in our VCS?

Video Call to a conference room


not necessarily, but then you can dial only via IP. For Name or E164 calling you need a registrar server like the VCS who manage all the registrations with the specific names. It's a little bit like a DNS server you contact to get the IP address.

The calling of @IP is a SIP Uri to contact a Sip registrar where typically phones with a number register to. For example a callmanager DN@IPofCUCM is an option to call phones registered to CUCM.

For me the only option is to call via the IP address. What type of system are we talking about?

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Video Call to a conference room

In addition to what Christian said; TANDBERG/Cisco only support Annex O, which happens to be the standard, and is Alias@Ip_address or Alias@domain.

IP_address##Alias is Polycom proprietary dialling (even though LifeSize also supports it).

Yes, you can get this to work, but in a rather messy way which I won't go into here and now.

You haven't said what type of MCU this is, but if it's anything like a Codian, then numeric ID registration must be enabled for either H.323 or SIP - or preferably both, in the conference template configuration. If this is not done then you will have to call the auto-attendant and navigate to the correct conference from there - unless the conference has been configured as "Private" that is - in which case it won't show up on the auto-attendant.


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Re: Video Call to a conference room

Hi Dears, sorry for delay!

In our environment, we have the follow devices:

Cisco TMS 13.1

Cisco VCS X7.0.1

Cisco MCU 4501

Cisco Tandberg TC5.1.7.299667

The endpoint system is the follow:


To make calls directly to this system, with the number of conference room, do we need to register the Polycom system in VCS?

There is some configuration model to work it?


Re: Video Call to a conference room

If you mean calling the Polycom system from the MCU, then no, but then you must calll the IP address of the Polycom.

I would register it to the VCS as that way it'll be exactly the same as the TANDBERG/Cisco end-points as far as calling goes as you will only have to call the alias (conference number) as long as you have the correct search rules in place - see the deployment guide:

By they way, you might want to consider ugrading the VCS to x7.2 which is the current version.

Also, I see you're running TC5.1.x, you really should consider upgrading it, see this security bulletin: and note in particular how you can obtain release keys without having a valid service contract.

This bug; was not fixed until TC6.1, and if you get the release key from TAC to take it up to that release, then you can go from there and go to the current version which is TC6.3 - up to you though.


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