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Video calls from IP Phone 9971 to Telepresence CTS-3010

Hello Team,

We have a Telepresence CUCM Cluster in North America, where around 10 video endpoints registered to it. We also have a CUCM cluster located in EMEA as well. Is it possible to join Telepresence meeting with 9971 IP Phone which is registered to EMEA cluster. We have a SIP Trunk in place between these two clusters. Or Do i need to register the 9971 IP Phone to TP CUCM CLuster located in North America to join ongoing Telepresence call.

Thanks in advance,


Paulo Souza
Rising star

Hi Solomon,

Currently, it is possible to directly integrate 9971 with CTS/TX endpoints without using any transcode such as a MCU on the call. You can make a point a point call from the 9971 to your CTS 3010 endpoint.

The important point here is, you must to have the proper software versions in order to have this working, including the version of CUCM, mainly. The minimum software version are:

CUCM 8.5

9971 SIP version 9.2.1 or SCCP version 9.1.2

CTS version 1.8

The CTS versions 1.7.4 to 1.7.6 also work, but I dont suggest use that version because there are some limitation and bugs.

Well, having the correct software versions, the SIP trunk and routing configuration is enough to make this integration, you dont need to have both video phones and CTS endpoints registered to the same CallManager.

You can find further information on compatibility between CTS and another devices on this link:

I hope this help.


Paulo Souza

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Paulo Souza Was my response helpful? Please rate useful replies and remember to mark any solved questions as "answered".


As Paulo Souza said, it works well. If you have already a SIP trunk it should work "natively". Check your dial plan and route patterns on both clusters. Check also Locations and Regions settings regarding video bandwidth for the SIP Trunk.

However if you can place a direct call from Telepresence and 99xx, it's not possible (as far as I know) to escalate to a video conference using the Ad Hoc button on the Telepresence or the 99xx. You cannot merge a p2p call to a 3 participants video conference. Possible through TP Server interface.

Conductor and virtual TP Server seems to be the next step for videoconferencing.


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