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Video conferencing deployment questions.


Hello experts,
I am working on a project where the customer purchased Webex Room 55 and Cisco Meeting Server, CUCM as a call control.

I know that when we integrate CMS and CUCM Spaces can be dialed via SIP in the format '''' from inside the organization. First question that I have here is is it possible to have a certain space dedicated for the Room 55? What I mean is for example the CEO calls from his DX80 to '''' (in this case being a CMS space and not the Room55's URI itself) and directly be in a call with the Room 55 without having the people using the Room 55 dial something as well. I know it sounds stupid because they can do direct calls (via DN and URI) and no calls to CMS spaces, but my question is for cases where more than 2 people want to join the conference. Customer doesn't want users sitting in front of the Room 55 to dial anything, just the joining parties parties. Is this possible? I know that if it is up to 3 participants the Room 55 can host it as well and this may be used, but I would like to know can this be done via a CMS space as well.

My second set of questions is for people outside the organization also wanting to join a conference with the company. I have not deployed Expressway so far and I believe it should be used here. Let's say I have all the Expressway E/C configuration in place, I will figure them out. Can users from outside still call for example '''' and join a conference hosted on the company's CMS? As I said so far I have always designed systems without the need for external access and I am not that familiar with it. Can you give me a brief explanation how the external access to conference resources work in a nutshel? Mainly I need to know how external parties can join CMS spaces and how they can dial the Room 55 directly (I assume it is the same, just a different URI).


I know I asked for a lot of information. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!


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Sure, you can create as many spaces as you want and use them any way you want. I would not recommend keeping that system dialed into that room 7x24 however, perhaps create your "room55" space and have someone dial that system into that space each business day and then hang it up at the end of the day, that would be better for the life of the components. 


Keep in mind that it's inevitable that users in that room will in all likelihood hang up that call from time to time, it's just kind of that automatic mindset to hang up when we're done and walking away. 

Thank you for the response PJMack!

I do understand the risks of having the Room 55 constantly in the Space. I was moreover thinking if it can be done like whenever someone calls the Space, to have the Space automatically calling the Room.

Why not do this via TMS TMSXE OBTP? The exec or their assistant could invite the room mailbox setup a meeting in outlook all day and TMS will push a button to join that space on CMS. The exec is in the space

Anyone else who wants to join can be forwarded that invite.

Hmm, this actually sounds pretty good, I will discuss it with the users.


Can someone share a thought on external parties calling into the Room and the CMS Spaces? If someone needs to dial the Room we have the option for standalone H323 direct call and it doesn't even need Expressway. That's fine.
But we would anyway deploy  Expressway so I would like it to be part of that. So can somebody from outside dial URI of the Room or URI for a Space and still join? I assume it should work this way. And what is the difference with or without the Expressway?

When you register your endpoint to the CUCM, H.323 will be disabled.  If you need H.323, then the best way to achieve this is to implement the Expressways and they will handle the H.323 - SIP interworking.

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