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Video Streaming Over WAN and Internet


Request from my client is as given below.

From a single room, they want to address people sitting in different locations. Some over the WAN and some over the internet. Communication is half duplex i.e. only the addressing person can be seen and heard by the participants but the participants cannot speak backwards or be seen by the addresser. The participants should join from their PCs.

What kind of setup would I use to achieve this.

Thanks in advance.


Tomonori Taniguchi
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

How many participants will be on conference call?

Are you looking for cheapest solution or stable/reliable solution with good back-end infrastructure solution?

Thanks for the reply.

This solution is to be used by a church. They want participants to join church sessions from different locations. I don't know whether we should call this one a conference call because communication is in one direction. It's as if the other guys are watching TV.

For a start I would say about a 100 users should access the church session all over the web.

Maybe you could give me the both cheapest solution as well as the stable/relible one.

I wait to hear from you.

Benefit for using VC as solution is di-directional communication.

If you are looking for broadcasting message from one or few main location (and have additional flexibility in future expansion both operation and call method), WebEx is probably one of choice.

Using VC with purpose and size that you are looking for require quite large number of back end infrastructure (VCS, MCU, etc) therefore this probably over investigation.

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