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virtual TelePresence not showing any screen licenses on Conductor

I have a demo Conductor and virtual TelePresence server.  I have the default license that comes with Conductor installed.  The virtual TelePresence server has two feature keys installed (VM Activation and TS Screen Licenses).  I do not have the TLS Encryption key installed yet.  When I look at the Conductor it displays the vTelePresence Server and it shows enabled but under call resources I have the following:


Call resources: Screen licenses=0, Calls=200

                  Allocated: Licenses 0% Calls 0%

                  In user: Licenses 0% Calls 0%

                  Unallocated:Licenses 100% Calls 100%

                  Number of calls: 0



My TS screen licenses feature key on vTS says "TS Screen Licenses x 6" but they don't show up on Conductor



vTS - 4.0(2.8)

Conductor - XC2.3



- Virtual Machine activation
- Encryption
- Third party interop
- TS screen licenses x 4

but on conductor it shows screen license:0 and also on vTS Status Page it shows screen license: 0.

i opened a case with the licensing team, but they think that from a licensing standpoint everything is correct...


for your installation: please install the Encryption key, because the documentation tells you that this is importent.


I got the Encryption Key but that just allowed me to activate 443 and 5061.  Right now I don't have any reservations for the CPUs in place.  Can someone tell me what it should be?  I didn't install the OVA so I am not sure what it defaults to.


Here is output from my status page:


Platform status
Processor model and frequencyIntel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E7- 4870 @ 2.40GHz
CPU count8
AVX enabled



well you might know that this is not supported, it might be a really good idea to use the ova.

when you open the .ova file with an text editor you can see the values.


So I was running vTS - 4.0(2.8) and I reboot back to version  4.0(1.57) and now I have 4 screen licenses.  That is still with no reservations on the HW.  Not sure what is going on.  Need to talk to Cisco about this.




i found the problem on my side. it seems that if you don't meet the CPU requirements of the vTS (minimum 2,4 GHz) it gives no error message, but it also does not activate the screen licenses, even though you activated it correctly.

so for your installation: please activate the encryption key, configure conductor to use https and check if you meet the requirements for the product, then it should activate the screen licenses.

Cisco Employee

Tested reference configurations and minimum specifications can be found in the prerequistites section of the vTS installation guide. We recommend all customers experiencing issues since upgrading to 4.0(2.8) check that their system meets the minimum requirements, especially regarding processor model.