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VNOC Issues with introduction to CMM/CMS

Hello support community,


I'm just in the process of introducing Cisco CMM/CMS so that we can phase out Cisco MCU finally. I have configured this in a lab and introduced the VNOC team to it, however they have presented me with a list of issues with the new ways of working CMM/CMS presents.


Has anyone gone through this and can offer any help or guidance with their points, this is what they've flagged;


  • We need to be able to select multiple endpoints for dial at the same time - this is due to loss of Conference center.
  • Currently CMM only shows the E164 alias of sites in a conferences, we need this to display more information. VC number and Site ID, the same information as TMS displays?
  • Can the refresh rate of CMM be reduced, so we would not have to manually re-sync the conference list when changes are made?
  • On TMS bookings page, change the date to UK format DD/MM/YYYY and change time to 24hr clock?
  • End conference button on CMM, sometimes there and sometimes not. This always need to be visible - is this a bug anyone has experienced.
  • Need to be able to see a list of participants in conferences on CMM before the conference actually starts - I presume this will be a feature enhancement request?
  • Amendments to conferences made on TMS are not reflected in CMM. They need to be like for like - they need to be able to add participants in on the fly via TMS.
  • When sites are added on CMM this is not reflected on the corresponding TMS conference.
  • ‘Edit in TMS’ button needs to bring up the correct conference on TMS. Currently this is not the case - is this likely to be a bug or is this a config error?
  • We need to be able to book sites into conferences if they are not switched on, this is crucial - presume this is a config which needs to be made on TMS?

If anyone can offer any help with this points it would be gratefully received.


Many thanks,



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