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Felipe Ramos

Webex on premisses and Polycom Infrastructure.

Hello Guys,

I need help integrating Webex on premisses with Polycom endpoints and MCU. Did someone tried this before??

I created a h323 trunk to the CMA (Polycom Gatekeeper) and some route patterns pointing to this trunk. I could dial to an endpoint (HDX 7000) from my IPCommunicator/video advantage and this is working now (with video).

But when i try making webex call the HDX or when i try to dial to webex from the HDX only audio was being negotiated. I check the SIP invite from Webex and the SDP doesnt have a video proposal.

I also tried to call the Webex directlry from the HDX using SIP (I created a sip trunk to the HDX ip adress). It works but without video, only audio. In the proposal of this call the HDX was sending some video codecs, but Webex didnt used or accepted any of this.

Can someone help me???


Do you have a Cloud Connected Audio SIP trunk to the WebEx POP? If not I'm confused how you are interacting with WebEx over SIP at all. Please clarify.

Even if you do have CCA this does not support video; it is merely an alternative to traditional SaaS audio to lower costs. The only way to have video participation from standards-based endpoints mixed with WebEx video at this time is TelePresence Enabled WebEx. This solution requires a Cisco-centric solution, namely VCS-C, VCS-E, a Cisco MCU or TelePresence Server, and TMS.

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