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X7.1 was released (now also the vmware ova file!)


X7.1 is released!

Please read the release notes before uprading!

Extract of the new features of X7.1:


TMS Provisioning Extension support

VCS X7.1 supports the Provisioning Extension mode introduced into Cisco TMS v13.2.

In X7.0 and earlier, the provisioning, FindMe and phonebook services on the VCS were provided by the legacy TMS Agent module. From X7.1, the new Provisioning Extension services mechanism supports large-scale deployments and provides a more flexible upgrade path for both VCS and Cisco TMS.

You are recommended to switch from using the TMS Agent legacy mode to the new Provisioning Extension mode as soon as is practicable.

Call processing

* Improved interworking between VCS and Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM). VCS now always stays in the call signaling route for calls to neighbor zones that are configured with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager or the Infrastructure device zone profiles.

Virtual appliance support

* The VCS can run on VMware on Cisco UCS C200 M2, UCS C210 M2, or UCS B200 M2 servers. Other enhancements and usability improvements

  • *  Improved status reporting of NTP server synchronization.

  • *  The lower and upper source ports in the range used for sending DNS queries can now be

    configured on the DNS page.

  • *  Automatically uploaded CRL files are now included when checking the validity of client certificates on the Client certificate testing page.

  • *  System snapshot:

    • The snapshot process now runs in the background. This means you can navigate away from

      the snapshot page and return to it later to download the generated snapshot file.

    • Snapshot filenames are distinct for each type of snapshot.

  • *  Default incident reporting server is now

  • *  The VCS Starter Pack Express supports device provisioning for MX200 endpoints.

  • *  An optional free-form description of a B2BUA transcoder can be specified.

  • *  Alarms status page now shows when an alarm was first raised.

  • *  The VCS web interface now supports Internet Explorer 7, 8 or 9, Firefox 3 or later, or Chrome. Later versions of these browsers may also work, but are not officially supported.



As an add on (2012.03.27) to the original posting.

The download site now also carries the vmware ova file and a language beta pack:

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Hi Martin,

about the Virtualisation,

* The VCS can run on VMware on Cisco UCS C200 M2, UCS C210 M2, or UCS B200 M2 servers. Other enhancements and usability improvements

I've been waiting for long time of this feature, but there is not so much detail how i can deployed this on the VMware.


Yes, just wait, not sure what I am allowed to say.

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Hi Martin , heard anything about when tms 13.2 will be released? TMS Provisioning Extension support information regarding how it works, have you been able to find anything?


Same here, I expect that there will be be more official info soon.

As you see X7.1 still supports the old style of provisioning.

Its always good do have a lab runing to test if you benefit of the new features.

But sure as you  in the release notes they mention the provisioning extension

and in the past TMS and VCS releases were quite close.

This is quite fresh, so just wait a bit.

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Good Morning,

Im thinking and I'm can't imagine what the new provisioning brings new benefits ? I know , I've got lot of problems with the provisioning current versions. But which clear Benifit we can expected?

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The new provisioning extension will bring a lot of benefits in terms of stability and scalability. The new provisioning extension does not utilize opends as the previous model and is much easier to setup. You can also migrate from the old model to the new model with ease. The details (as there is many) can be found in the deployment guides when it's released.

The release is upcoming very soon, hopefully within a couple of weeks without giving any guarantees.



couple of weeks? So Long

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The VM stuff is great.  I know that there are some limitations with support etc when running certain Cisco voice applications in VM mode.  Can I run UCM + VCS on the same Cisco UCS server in VM and still have it supported?

Also, what would the process be for migrating our appliances to a VM environment?  Would we need to order an installation kit from Cisco as per CUCM?


Currently there is no information about the migration plan yet for the VCS to be migrated to a virtual environment. Tis should be coming in the next couple weeks.

Hopefully, it will come sooner than that. I know this has been an ask for a long time from quite a few of my customers.

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Thanks Darren.

I'm just hoping that VCS meets the "UC with UC" requirement for proper support on UCS.  We have too many physical servers with Callmanager, CUPC, VCS control and VCS expressways and if we can condolidate all onto UCS it would be great.


I do believe that is the Cisco UC strategy they are going for. I think that the only box that will most likely still stay as an appliance will be the vcse due to its dual network requirement.

Darren Lapierre


sent from my mobile device.


Where can I get a key for 7.1, the Cisco licensing portal shows only up to V.7.0.x?


A release key is valid for the entire major version number of a software, meaning that an X7 release key will work for both X7.0.x and X7.1. When upgrading from X7.0.x to X7.1 you don't have to fill in the release key at all, uploading the software is sufficient.

- Andreas


Today I was able to run a VCS 7.1 on VmWare Workstation

It is working, it's great for testing and demo.

But it has 1 non-traversal, 1 traversal calls and supports only 3 devices for registration in demo mode. Also TMS provisioning not working without option key. And can't use a Movi client.

Waiting official guide from Cisco how do to install it.

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