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Martin Koch

X7.1 was released (now also the vmware ova file!)


X7.1 is released!

Please read the release notes before uprading!

Extract of the new features of X7.1:


TMS Provisioning Extension support

VCS X7.1 supports the Provisioning Extension mode introduced into Cisco TMS v13.2.

In X7.0 and earlier, the provisioning, FindMe and phonebook services on the VCS were provided by the legacy TMS Agent module. From X7.1, the new Provisioning Extension services mechanism supports large-scale deployments and provides a more flexible upgrade path for both VCS and Cisco TMS.

You are recommended to switch from using the TMS Agent legacy mode to the new Provisioning Extension mode as soon as is practicable.

Call processing

* Improved interworking between VCS and Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM). VCS now always stays in the call signaling route for calls to neighbor zones that are configured with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager or the Infrastructure device zone profiles.

Virtual appliance support

* The VCS can run on VMware on Cisco UCS C200 M2, UCS C210 M2, or UCS B200 M2 servers. Other enhancements and usability improvements

  • *  Improved status reporting of NTP server synchronization.

  • *  The lower and upper source ports in the range used for sending DNS queries can now be

    configured on the DNS page.

  • *  Automatically uploaded CRL files are now included when checking the validity of client certificates on the Client certificate testing page.

  • *  System snapshot:

    • The snapshot process now runs in the background. This means you can navigate away from

      the snapshot page and return to it later to download the generated snapshot file.

    • Snapshot filenames are distinct for each type of snapshot.

  • *  Default incident reporting server is now

  • *  The VCS Starter Pack Express supports device provisioning for MX200 endpoints.

  • *  An optional free-form description of a B2BUA transcoder can be specified.

  • *  Alarms status page now shows when an alarm was first raised.

  • *  The VCS web interface now supports Internet Explorer 7, 8 or 9, Firefox 3 or later, or Chrome. Later versions of these browsers may also work, but are not officially supported.



As an add on (2012.03.27) to the original posting.

The download site now also carries the vmware ova file and a language beta pack:

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I didn't realise the VM version was available for public consumption yet.  Is there documentation available regarding server specification and pricing?

A screenshot does not make a release ;-)

Non of the public cisco/tandberg download sites I am aware of carries files for VMware, so its

pretty save to say: no, just wait, its there when its there.

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Totally agree that the screenshot does not release.

But in release notes cisco said:

"The VCS can run on VMware on Cisco UCS C200 M2, UCS C210 M2, or UCS B200 M2 servers...."

I was curious and I tried to install it on vmvare workstation (I don't have UCS or hw VCS).

I downloaded a release 7.1 from ftp tandberg.

Boot from LiveCD, and extract fw to virtual HDD.

Maybe someone is interested - now you can use VCS7.1 for testing and demonstration on VM.

I hope that Cisco soon release an official release and will tell us what and how.

Nice one! Did not had the time to try it, but sounds like fun!

Did you just use one single partition and added a boot loader?

If a single partition, it would be interesting to see how it behaves if you try to do an upgrade. :-)

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I created 5 partitions.

One for harddisk

Two RO for system

Two RW for /tandberg

and add grub.

I'll try to update, but I think isn't possible.


I did it.

With VMware Workstation 8.


How do you did it?

I extract the file with ovftool and I get two files *.vmdk but I only can load one in vmware workstation and the vmware workstation shows me Kernel Panic


How can I get X7.1.2?

Sent from Cisco Technical Support iPhone App

X7.1 is the latest, why do you wonder about X7.1.2?

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A guy told me that the X7.1.2 is the full packege for virtualizing VCS. But I saw that Cisco released the .ova files but this only works for ESXi,  I wonder if you were able to virtualize VCS on vmware server?

No as I updated the initial posting, today the OVA file is posted on the public cisco download site.

If you like to play, sure do what you like, but if you want something where you get reliable results

or if its even close to production/staging/proper labbing, use an ESXi server.

You can also run ESXi nested.

I have a VCS-Expressway running here ESXi5 which is running under vmware fusion which is running on my i7 MacMini Server

What will be interesting to see is how the licensing will look like, especially if you already have a VCS.

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Unless I am blaringly blind, is VCS-E supported on VMware today? Or is it just VCS-C?

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You need a license key for your serial number.

Without adding keys the VCS will just run in the demo mode, which is like a very limited VCS-C.

Please ask your cisco partner / sales channels about the availability.

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Thanks for info about .ova

Also works on VmWare Workstation 8


how did you run it on workstation??

im trying to but it gives me an error about my processors. it says it needs x86. however im using a dell power edge with quad core xeon processors.

please help!

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