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Word of the Week: Bug

Ken W. Alger
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Okay, okay, I didn't post this on Wednesday this week. It was a bug in my cerebral calendar.

In technology, specifically programming, we often use the term "bug" to represent a problem or error in our code or systems. If you've been watching my Wild West Coder live-stream series, you've seen me have to "debug" the application I'm building out on more than one occasion. But where does the term "bug" originate?

The accepted origin is that back when computers were built with vacuum tubes and earlier electronics than we use today, a moth had landed inside a computer and disrupted the electrical current of the system. The engineers had to "debug" the system to get it to work again.

What are some of your favorite tech stories that have carried on through the years and are now part of today's lingo?

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