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Three questions about NeXt


Hi all.

    I'm looking for to draw the whole datacenter resources and their relationship until found NeXt. I think NeXt can help me to do it.  Now I have three questions when I using NeXt tools, please give me some help, thanks!

    1, when the x, y position cannot confirm, whether NeXt can layout the nodes/links auto-matily to make sure each node donot cover each other, if NeXt can do it, how to setting it in NeXt?

     2. whether NeXt can provide Drag & Drop functions to draw the topology?

     3,  when I draw one datacenter network topology, whether I can save the topolpgyData as json or other format?

Thanks for view

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Dazhao,

Thanks for choosing NeXt!

1. You can do that using "Force" data processor. It will automatically spread out nodes without explicit assignment of position to each of them.

2. It's not supported by default, but you may try to accomplish that and contribute to the community.

3. returns a topology object. You can export that object in JSON, or convert into any other data format.

Thank you,


Hi Alex,

Thanks so much for your replies.

when I use topology as below, I found method cannot return the expected topologydata, just return one 'empty' object:

var topology = new nx.graphic.Topology(topologyConfig);;

  console.log(topologyData)  ---> return topologyData like: Object {nodes: Array[3], links: Array[2]}

  console.log(   ---> return empty object like: Object {nodes: Array[0], links: Array[0], nodeSet: Array[0]}

Thanks for Alex's help, I got the "topologyGenerated" method when we need to get the topodata, as below:

topo.on('topologyGenerated', function(){



Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I'd also recommend you to read tutorials: GitHub - NeXt-UI/next-tutorials: Get Started with NeXt UI Toolkit

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