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Introducing Gonzalo Gasca, Cisco Support Community Top Contributor

gonz.JPGWhat’s the value of participating in the Cisco Support Community? For another view, we caught up with Gonzalo Gasca, a Cisco TelePresence escalation engineer in San Jose, California.

Q: Tell us about your career with Cisco.

I joined Cisco in 2004 to provide partner support for Cisco Unified Communications Manager. In 2007, I moved to Northern California as a Unified Communications Manager specialist for the Unified Communications Manager Worldwide Team. Now I’m an escalation engineer for the TelePresence Exchange business unit.

Q: How did you get started with the Cisco Support Community?

Back in 2004, I happened to see a couple of questions regarding a voice problem I had just solved for another customer. I answered, and the customers gave me five stars. I didn’t even know about the rating system, and really liked the immediate feedback! The rating inspired me to look for other open issues.

Q: How do you participate in the community today?

I look through the telepresence forums for unanswered questions. I also try to blog once or twice a month on troubleshooting, with the goal that customers can solve problems without having to open a TAC case. I’m in the process of migrating my previous blogs to the forum. Blogging is especially helpful for telepresence because it’s still relatively new, and aspects of the technology are not documented.

Q: What are some of your blog topics?

I’ve blogged about troubleshooting point-to-point and multipoint-call calls, and log analysis. I’m expanding from the original immersive Cisco TelePresence experience to all Cisco business video products, including those from the TANDBERG acquisition.

Q: What’s changed since you started visiting NetPro in 2004?

Back then forum pages didn’t come up in Google search results, and now they do, on the same day. Also, we now have social media tools so that we can upload documents, create blogs, and share information through Facebook and Twitter.

Q: How does participating in the Cisco Support Community help Cisco, and how does it help you personally?

My participation helps Cisco because every question I answer means one less customer who will open a TAC case. Staying active in the forum also helps me keep learning. When I don’t know an answer, if I have time I’ll go into the lab to figure it out. Community members understand that we respond on a best-effort basis.

Q: Why would you recommend that other Cisco subject matter experts contribute to the Cisco Support Community?

For people like me, who like to write everything down instead of trusting my memory, blogging in the Cisco Support Community lets other people benefit from your knowledge. Another reason for participating to deepen you own learning: teaching someone else is a good way to make sure you truly understand how our products work.

Cisco Support Community also helps you develop relationships with other networking professionals. For example, a couple of years ago I took the CCIE Voice exam in Tokyo. I posted on NetPro to find out what to expect, and someone gave me a few tips. And customers have approached me at Networkers events because they knew me from the forums.

Q: Any suggestions for improving the Cisco Support Community?

All my ideas have already been implemented! The improvement this past year has been awesome. I especially like the integration with Facebook and Twitter, and giving away prizes like Apple iPads.

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