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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Communities members,

We wanted to bring your attention to a pretty unique session at Cisco Live this year – a paid 4 hour tectorial titled “Unleash the Power of Cisco Enterprise Cloud Suite for Infrastructure Management and Automation” (Session ID:  TECDCT-2750).  You won’t want to miss this unique session that covers over 9 datacenter products across network, compute, virtualization, storage, cloud, and automation!

Cisco SW Portfolio.png

Here is the session abstract:

How can traditional IT remain relevant in what analysts are describing as the new Hybrid IT?  As cloud and concepts like the DevOps model become more mainstream, it has never been more important to understand how to best leverage tools to deliver IT value to the business. This tectorial will focus on leveraging the leading Enterprise Cloud and Infrastructure Management Suite from Cisco. Focusing on how to provide an enabling infrastructure platform for DevOps environments, Attendees will learn when and how to use the elements of the platform to unleash the full power with common use cases. Programmability, automation, orchestration and IT workflows will be discussed. How can you help your organization break down traditional silos and deliver unified data center management with hybrid cloud capabilities? What is the best way to manage your various datacenter infrastructure assets? What is the best way to introduce automation and cloud control to the organization?


These topics and more will be discussed in this tectorial:

  • Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite
  • Prime Service Catalog
  • UCS Director
  • Intercloud Fabric
  • UCS Central
  • UCS Performance Manager
  • IMC Supervisor for C-Series
  • APIC

Presenters:  Hank Preston II, TSA (@hfpreston) & Steve Wasko, CSE (@sjwasko)

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