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UCS Director 4.1 - Ldap Integration

Hi Guys,

I need a help , because when i configure ldap integration, UCS Director see a restricted three of my Active Directory and in the attach we can see it I need see others all organizational units, could you please help me ?


Here are the troubleshooting steps

· The respective domain name has to resolve from UCSD Appliance

· If the server name is being referring as FQDN then the same name should be resolve from UCSD appliance

· Make sure the name resolution of the respective domain & server resolves to correct IP address and port 389 should be open between UCSD & Domain Controller

· Inframgr logs will show more information about error to troubleshoot the issue more.


Rekha Krishna

Hi Rekha,

I saw the configuration and it´s ok

But Search DN is only this below :

Thanks in advance !

Cleverson Silva

ISU - DC Products - EMC

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Tel.: +55 11 4196-0665 | Mob.: +55 11 98365-9721<> //<>

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De: Rekha Krishna

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Para: Cleverson Luis Marques da Silva

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UCS Director 4.1 - Ldap Integration

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Damien Gouju
Cisco Employee


There have been a lot of LDAP improvement in the 5.0 release, it may also help!

Hello dgoju,

In my team, we had unsuccessful attempt to integrate with Zimbra LDAP on UCSD version 4.1. I must admit that our LDAP tree is very custom, but we can't change it. However, my onderstanding (based on NullPointerExceptions in UCSD logs) was that LDAP integration feature was only playground and basic implementation for something that needs to become more serious in later releases.

Currently we plan upgrade from to 5.2, and it should be smooth, but I am really interested to find out if this could bring us improvements and should we try to integrate with LDAP once again.

Kind Regards

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