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UCSD workflow for binding multiple leaf node ports to a single EPG

I am currently working on the creation of workflows for a L2-Extension Service for our ACI fabric (Extending the current non-ACI network/vlans into the fabric, i.e. VLAN=BD=EPG) The current, 'manual' process takes a very long time to bind an EPG/VLAN to multiple leaf node ports. EPG translates to 'legacy' vlan extended into the fabric.

I have created a workflow that meets this requirement of binding a leaf node port to an EPG, but this can only be one at a time. I don't have an out of the box option to select multiple leaf node ports to bind to a single EPG.


1 physical server, 2 NICs to 2 different Leafs, 20 EPG/vlans requested to server

Select EPG, select leaf node port for servers first NIC, apply.

Repeat for server 2nd NIC.

Repeat for each EPG/vlan required to be presented to server.

This equates to me running the same workflow 40 times - 1 EPG/vlan, 2 NICs, 20 vlans requested.

Has anyone created a workflow for a similar requirement that could help me?

Orf Gelbrich
Cisco Employee

Would it help to run these in parallel?

In parallel I think would be good.

The ultimate plan is, with some DevOps scripting, we could input a list of vlan IDs, a list of leaf nodes & ports/interfaces & execute the workflow. I think we may be still a month or 2 away from this, but to allow my customer to at least execute either 1 EPG & a list of leaf node ports at once & repeat for each EPG, or a leaf node port with a list of EPGs & repeat for each leaf node port, it would be faster than what I have now.

Hope that makes sense.

I am not sure how you have this information, but on the community site I have examples to read from a CSV file and create VLANs.

The core (vlan create in this case) could be run in parallel.

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