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VmWare Content Libraries not showing in UCSD


I'm posting on the hope that someone has had a similar problem and/or could give some help on steps to debug. I'm currently looking at using VmWare Content Libraries to store VM Templates that can be used to provision VMs through the invocation of UCSD workflows (using UCS-Director 6.6).


However, I'm currently stuck at the first stage. I have a content library that I've created within VmWare and added templates to. Whilst this can be invoked through VmWare to provision VMs, the content library does not appear within UCS-Director under the VmWare Cloud instance that has been created (simply states "No Data" under Content Libraries). Other items from the VmWare cloud are populated correctly under their differing entries (e.g. Clusters, Host Nodes), so there appears to be a specific setting relating to content libraries that is not correctly configured.


If so, I'm struggling to find this setting. The only clue I've found so far is within the Cisco UCS Director VMware vSphere Management Guide, which states that "To perform content library inventory discovery, the Cisco UCS Director and VMware vCenter systems must have the same NTP server configured.".


However, investigating this statement, the UCSM and Vcenter Flexpod appear to be using the same time source. I haven't found any other mention of content libraries on the forums. Is there anything people would recommend to investigate?


John Weigand

I've got the exact same problem - tried tweaking NTP for all the different involved resources, with no luck so far. Never opened a TAC case, but I may at some point.

You have not provided the VC version you are using. Are you using Platform Services Controller. We have a bug in UCSD related to this.  Its fixed in release. Did you see any error in the log during the inventory collection, related to login failure.


CSCvm42820      VMware vCenter 6.5 content library does not show up in UCS Director. 

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