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UCS Director Multi-Node Deployment 5.4 - Dual-Stack IPv4/IPv6


UCS Director Multi-Node Deployment 5.4 - Dual-Stack IPv4/IPv6

The purpose of this document is to illustrate the steps to Add IPv6 addresses to an existing IPv4 UCS Director Multi-Node Deployment to support both IPv4 and IPv6 Virtual and Physical devices.  Also included in this document are steps to add an IPv6 UCSM Physical Account and change its system tasks to use a service node to validate IPv6 is functioning through the service node as well.


  • You currently have a UCS Director 5.4 IPv4 Multi-Node deployment. 
  • This document was built in a lab and the IPv6 addresses used throughout this document are NOT actually registered to me.  This environment is contained and does not route outside of this lab.  You should use your won registered Global Unicast IPv6 space for your setup.
  • Global Unicast IPv6 addresses are required if you are configuring your UCS Manager domains for IPv6 Management.

Useful Documents

Internet Protocol Version 6 Address Space

IPv6 Global Unicast Address Assignments


Table of Contents

1. Add IPv6 Address/Gateway to Primary Node

2. Add IPv6 Address/Gateway to Inventory Database Node

3. Add IPv6 Address/Gateway to Monitoring Database Node

4. Add IPv6 Address/Gateway to Service Node

5. Test Connectivity to the UCS Director GUI

6. Optional - Configure UCSM Dual-Stack

7. Add IPv6 UCSM Physical Account to UCSD

8. Assign System Policy to UCSM-POD5 System Task


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