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3 & 3 Promotion End Date Clarification

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Level 1

Hello All

Can anyone provide clarification on when the 3 & 3 offer is likely to end, the documentation on the Partner Portal states that the promotion will end when 7.1.5 and 8.0 reach end of sale; however does this mean when the two releases are announced end of sale or when they reach the last date that they are orderable; which will be defined in the end of sale announcement?

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VIP Alumni

It should be the end of sale date for that particular release which will be different for each release


Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

same question: the orering guide says:

Offer ends when each individual 7.1 (5) or 8.0 product above reaches End of Sale“

CUCM7.1 is to be EoS'd in June 22, 2012
CUCM8.0 is already EoS.

Does that mean i WILL NOT be able to use 3-and-3 upgrade for my 8.0 Customers ?

Dees that also mean, that afer June22, I WILL NOT be able to 3-and-3 upgrde my 7.1 customers ?


It is 8.X so it is until 8.5/8.6 goes EOS



Please see partner page in:

Where you can find the announced dates.



This could do with some clarification.

My belief previously was that 3x3 would be available for all pre 8.x customers up until 8.x was EoS. This was my interpretation of what Cisco have communicated at various seminars.

In the link above it now states April 5, 2012 (which has been changed from what it said previously).

So I'm assuming that means after April 5, 3x3 will not be orderable for any customer not yet at 8.x or above?

Hi all,

Yes, updated timeline on 3&3 and it's successor, 9&3 is found at url pointed out above:

Other than the April 5 start date for 9&3, there is no change in program eligibility.  Any customer without a current UCSS contract can gain an upgrade as well as new 3 year subscription through the program.  There are no release restrictions on the 'from' version.  'To' versions are simply governed by releases that are currently for sale.

1- Where can I find the 9&3 migration SKUs (Top Level SKU preferred if any) for v8.x of CUCM, Unity and Attendant Console (mainly CUBAC)?

2- Also is there a special discount for the "3Yr UCSS" for each App (CUCM, Unxn, CUBAC respectively)?


Take a look at this link it has the links to the OG for the top level SKU **message from the Collaboration Community Moderator Kelli Glass: please note that this link is accessible only to Cisco Partners. **


Uconn is under UNITYCN8-VUP and so on

No discounts other than what you get with programs like OIP or CB Plus



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Thanks Sri for the quick response.

BTW, The link you provided has info on the CUBAC which states discounted pricing as part of 9&3. Now would there be a special SKU to get the discounted pricing? or would the CCW team process the price adjustment automatically if we add the regular CUBAC SKU?

Here is the excerpt:
" ****Pricing is as follows: Cisco Unified Enterprise Attendant Console: $1,475 per license + 3-year UCSS contract and Cisco Unified Business Attendant Console: $1,095 per license + 3-year UCSS contract."

P.S: Also note that the OGs don't seem to have any information on the migration SKUs (Although I have may have overlooked. I searched the 8.6 and 9.0 OGs, unless these MIG PNs are in a specific OG doc).

For AC you need to use CUB-MIG-AC= or CUE-MIG-AC=

Regarding OG I opened this one as an example and I do see it under section 3.6.

I havent checked under each OG but it should be there under migrations or under Non UCSS section



CUB-MIG-AC=  does not come up in CCW. Is there a Top Level PN I need to use?

Sri, I realized that because CUB-MIG-AC=  is already discounted, it would not be in CCW!!! So looks like I have to order it as a seperate item with our Tier2-Disti.

I'm still not clear how to order the discounted CUBAC/CUEAC.  CUB-MIG-AC= or CUE-MIG-AC= do not show up in CCW.  I guess I'm asking the same question Robert is asking although Robert seems to understand while I do not.  I hate that I've spent 30 min trying to figure out how to order these things for a customer that probably won't buy it and none of the resources available (9and3 page, OGs) tell you how to do it.  I'm thankful for the people on the forums that help when there is no where else to go.


I was eventually told to order CUB9X-MIG-AC (which is the latest version of CUBAC as part of the 9x9 migration program). I waited 2 months to get the product and still nothing yet. So I was then told to order the Electronic version which is L-CUB9X-MIG-AC  which is also discounted + it's electronic license so you won't waste 2 months like me.