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3 & 3 Promotion End Date Clarification

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Level 1

Hello All

Can anyone provide clarification on when the 3 & 3 offer is likely to end, the documentation on the Partner Portal states that the promotion will end when 7.1.5 and 8.0 reach end of sale; however does this mean when the two releases are announced end of sale or when they reach the last date that they are orderable; which will be defined in the end of sale announcement?

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Wow thank you so much.  That sku is no where to be found in the OGs that I could find.  It took an hour of looking into this before you gave me the answer I was searching for and I thank you for taking the time to respond.  It's just so unnecessary that Cisco makes it so difficult to do simple things.  There should be a CCIE track for UC licensing.


I am glad I was able to help and save you more ridiculus waste of time. Cheers!

For people interested in, I think I've found the actual SKU to upgrade Attendant Console to version 9.0:


Same SKU has to be used to upgrade any version of AC (Business, Enterprise or Premium)

Hope this helps.

Question: could someone give me the SKU for an upgrade to version 8.6? I found different SKUs, but all are actually discountinued.

Cheers, Gio.


There is no upgrade SKU to go to version 8.6.

Version specific licensing was introduces into the products in version 9, therefore if you need to upgrade to 8.6 you can just download the software from and run the install over the top of the current installation.

This means that an upgrade to version 8.6 is free of charges.

Perfect, thanks.