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3and3 migration with cuwl ?

philipppe cuvillier


My customer has a callmanager version 4.3 and plans to migrate in version 8.5

Is it possible to use the  3 and 3 program to migrate with the cuwl licensing ?

I searched with the root reference cucm-usr-lic but it seems to be for ucl only



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Absolutely. You can use either program or combine them since startin with 7.1.5/8.0 both licensing models can be combined



I perfectly agree, you can combine UCL and CUWL but how do migrate users in version 4.3 to 8.5  in Cuwl ?

if you use the main ref CUCM-USR-LIC I do not see any option to migrate for my current DLU to a professional license ?

There is a specific program called "3 and 3" but it does not allow this migration.

Cisco pushes toward cuwl, therefore you should propose a way to migrate the previous version.

Is there an other ref to migrate ?



CUWL is preferred since it bundles all the apps plus you can use programs to off set the cost. You need to use CUWL-LIC as the top level SKU and within that there are options to select for users who are currently Cisco UC customers. So there is an option to select CM+Unity as an example which will allow current users who have both CUCM and Unity to migrate at a lower cost to CUWL

The OG has all the details, assuming you have partner access


So how many discount do get when we are combing cuwl and 3x3?

scenario 1 total user 2,500 on 4.x version need to upgrade to 8.x

     1.Upgrade 1,250 to cuwl - this portion are getting only Discount 72% (Upgrade old + Competitor + CUWL more that half)

     2.Upgrade 1,250 to 3x3  - this portion are getting only standare discount

scenario 2 total user 2,500 on 4.x version need to upgrade to 8.x

     1.Upgrade 1,250 to cuwl

     2.Upgrade 1,250 to 3x3

  Option 1 and 2 are getting same base discount 72%  (Upgrade old + Competitor + CUWL more that half)

The 3x3 program is for UCL and NOT for CUWL.   When ordering the migration (upgrade) SKU's within CUWL, we do not allow you to make a selection to UCM for example.  The reduced price reflects the customers sunk cost into UCM, hence the lower price and is not allowed to make a UCM selection.  If the customer indeed wishes to upgrade to newer version of UCM, then that is done via the Product Upgrade Tool, as it always has been.  Likewise, if a customer is purchasing a UCM + UTY migration SKU, both the UCM software and message software / VM will NOT ship.

Hope this helps.


John Sunzeri

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