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9900 Video Phone


One of our customer is interested in 9900 with video what I need to know is

1. Is video supported only in  9971 ? is it supported on 9951 too?

2. They also want to know how much bandwidth it will take for video calls (audio+video).

3. If three camera phones are there and if they do a conference call with each other, will that be both audio and video or just audio conference?

Thanks for your help.

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1. It is supported with both

2. See my past thread on this. Set up your locations/Regions on what is allowed. It is CIF format.

3. Yes Multipoint video is supported. It depends on your MRG resources. If you dont have a MCU or an external resource for multipoint it wll default to audio, If you have as an example a 3500 Cisco MCU defined in your MRGL, you can do both ad-hoc and or join a scheduled service prefix defined on the MCU and get the "brady bunch" squares going. You can also do this with MP8 using the SMS model although I have not tested it with it.


Thanks for the quick response. Sorry I'm still not clear on the bandwidth portion , in the region settings for video by default it is 384 K allowed we can change that to a low rate it won't affect the video. What is CIF?

So we have it set for 384K since that's usually an optimum level with CIF format for video. You could go lower but generally I have found 384K to be an acceptable level for end points with smaller screens such as this one. The data sheets explains all the video formats supported. 384K gave me very god resolution and we tested even over a Public Internet pipe and the quality was excellent. I have not tested with lower resolution. As the camera get released in March, Cisco should publish guidelines on video BW and resolution formats shortly  (Table 6)

That is all I need ..Thanks again for the quick response.

Hi Srini,

For you 3rd point I have a question. I have registered MCU as VCB on CUCM and added it in to MRGL. I am able to do ad hoc conferencing successfully using it. But when I am adding MCU 3515 as an H.323 gateway and creating a route pattern for it I am unable to dial in to MCU and getting fast busy tone instead of a Welcome Message.. Should this route pattern start with Service Prefix or it can be any random number??? I used a random number in my previous project but now that same configuration is not working for me.. Please help.. Thanking you in anticipation..



Hi Amit,

For H.323, did you register the MCU 3515 to the Cisco IOS Gatekeeper? For H.323, you register both CUCM and MCU 3515 to the IOS Gatekeeper. Likewise, your route pattern on CUCM you point the IOS Gatekeeper. I have a sample configuration and pointers to documentation below.

On CUCM you will have a route pattern like 83XXXX pointed to the GK trunk. For example, 835555 dialed from an endpoint would signal through the IOS GK and land the call on the MCU. The MCU has build-in prefixes like "83" but you can modify it to fit your dial plan.

On the Cisco IOS Gatekeeper you need something like this below.


router(config-gk)#zone local POD1
! Note: The as an example must be a valid IP address on the IOS Gatekeeper
router(config-gk)#zone prefix POD1 83*
router(config-gk)#gw-type-prefix 1# default-technology

On CUCM you need something like this:

->Device->Gatekeeper->>Save->Apply Config
->Trunk->Add New->Inter-Cluster-Trunk GK Controlled->
->Name-GK->Pool/Default->GKName/>Terminal Type/Gateway
->Tech Prefix->1#->Zone->

The following are Cisco IOS "show" commands. You need to check to see if CUCM and MCU register to IOS GK.

For MCU 3515 config, you want to register the MCU to the H.323 Gatekeeper as "Gateway" not as "MCU."

->show gatekeeper endpoints

router#sh gatek en
CallSignalAddr  Port  RASSignalAddr   Port  Zone Name         Type    Flags
--------------- ----- --------------- ----- ---------         ----    -----    53932    44745 POD1              VOIP-GW
    H323-ID: GK_1
    Voice Capacity Max.=  Avail.=  Current.= 0
Total number of active registrations = 1

Now register MCU to IOS GK:


->show gatek endp

router#sh gatek en
CallSignalAddr  Port  RASSignalAddr   Port  Zone Name         Type    Flags
--------------- ----- --------------- ----- ---------         ----    -----    53932    44745 POD1              VOIP-GW
    H323-ID: GK_1
    Voice Capacity Max.=  Avail.=  Current.= 0    1720    1719  POD1              H320-GW
    H323-ID: Cisco MCU-010093245053
    Voice Capacity Max.=  Avail.=  Current.= 0
Total number of active registrations = 2

MCU Documentation

Videoconferencing SRND

IP Video Telephony SRND

Hope this helps.



When you initiate an ad hoc video conference using the 9971, do you have to dial the SIP trunk set up on the MCU, or can you set up an ad hoc call use the conf button on the 9971 phone? The CUCM 8 SRND is unclear on this topic.


I have a different issue:

I have my CUCM and MCU registered to my gatekeeper successfully and they are able to make conference calls. My Cameras and 7900 series VoIPs are also able to participate in all conference calls. However my 9951 VoIPs are experiencing issues. The 9951s are able to dial into a conference calls, but they can't see or hear anyone else in the call. However, other participants (exceot 9951s) in the call  can see and hear the video/audio coming from the 9951. 

Does anyone have any clue to why this might be happening, or what may be the cause?


A few questions:

1. What series of MCU are you using?

2. How are you registering the MCU on CUCM?

3. Have you verified the MRG list and devicepool settings on the 9951 phones to be the same as the other endpoints involved in the conference?


1. The MCU is a 3545 and we are using a 2600 series router as the gatekeeper with ipvoice_ivs IOS.

2. The CUCM (Call Manager) is registered to the gatekeeper as a VOIP-GW, and the MCU is registered to the Gatekeeper as a H320-GW. That's how the two communicate.

3. The devicepool and MRG list are the same.

I reset the MCU and now can get voice, but still no video.

Hi Jermaine, What version of code are you running on the MCU?



I can answer for Jermaine as we are co-workers.  The version of code on the MCU is which we installed a little less than 2 months ago.




We resolved our one-way voice/video issue with the 9951's by upgrading the firmware to version 9.1.2.



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