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Analog booster device required for VG224/FXS112 analog phones


For one of our bigger Cisco UC customers we urgently need an analog booster device. They have several thousands of analog internal phones and some of them are very critical (nuclear plants). But some don't receive the signal from the VG224 or FXS112 as they are to far from the gateway connected.

Everything runs under CUCM 6.1.5 (upgrade planned next year).

We've found some example bu only for the US market.

Does anyone know such a device for the Belgian/European market.

Many thanks.




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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Gunther,

Analog boosters are a good solution to the VG224 long-loop limitation. I don't know that you need something specifc to EMEA as long as the booster can drive the current, ring voltage and frequency. Do you require supp-services like VMWI, stutter-tone?

You can try reaching out to these guys for more info on boosters.

Also, You should look at our new VG350 analog gateway. THe VG350 supports up to 96 OPXLite long-loop ports. These ports have been tested at 18,000ft (~5,400m) using 24AWG wire. Today you need CCM 8.6.2(su2) or higher. But, VG350 also supports SIP and H323 trunks, so you can add it to a CCM 6 cluster as a SIP gateway and change the config once to the CCM is upgraded to SCCP if the customer is looking for advanced supp-services.

You can reach out to me directly or visit

for more information on VG350. The VG350 supports many new features and would probably be good to show the customer.


Tony Banuelos

Thanks Tony,

I have forwarded your info to the on-site engineer to look at it.


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