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Anyone running or upgrade to 9.1 on the BE5k?

Chris Bomba
Level 4
Level 4

I have a customer that wants to upgrade to 9.1 on their existing 7828 BE5k?  Most of the customers are already migrated off this platform but they didn't budget the new HW and want to upgrade to keep things current for one more year.  Anyone out there do this upgrade?  How does licensing work?  Is ELM installed at the same time?  I have tried multiple times to upgrade a BE5k running 8.5 in VMware to 9.1 but it fails every time.  I also tried building a 9.1 BE5k instance in VMware and that fails every time.  The upgrade fails due to a HW check.  The fresh install fails pretty far into the build but still fails every time. 



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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

BE5K is EOL per:

and does not support version 9.

The migration path is BE6K which unfortunately does not offer a straight upgrade. Your only option is to build the new apps and then migrate the data using Export/Import feature on CUCM (only on the same version) and using COBRAS for UCXN.



I know it is EOL but the customer still has a current contract so they are able to get newer software.  Not sure why all the info below says you can upgrade to 9.0 or 9.1(1)a just not 9.1(2)?

Product Migration Options

Customers with an active Unified Communications software subscription contract for the Cisco Business Edition 5000 will be eligible to upgrade to Cisco Business Edition 9.0 software only. Customers will not be able to renew Unified Communications software subscriptions or order new subscriptions for Cisco Business Edition 5000, as software upgrades will not be available beyond the 9.0 release. Customers that wish to get software upgrades beyond the 9.0 release are encouraged to migrate the product licenses and services to the Cisco Business Edition6000.



If you are upgrading your software on HP 7825H3 or HP7828H3 hardware, there is no option to revert to the previous version of Cisco Unified Communications Manager. To perform an upgrade on one of these machines you must use an externally powered 16GB USB device to facilitate data migration from the old system to the new installation. For Unity Connection and Business Edition 5000, a 128GB external USB device is required. It is recommended to use an externally powered USB drive as other drives may not be recognized during the Refresh Upgrade sequence."

BE5K Download Link:

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 2.41.20 PM.png