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Are there any Avaya G3r to CUCM 7.1 Migration Work Sheets

Greg Cording

Hi All

        I am new here and to the world of CUCM so please be kind

Currently I am working on a project to migrate from an Avaya G3r to a CUCM 7.1 and would like to know if there any “work sheets” or “job aids” on the Cisco Website (preferably Excel format) to facilitate the successful capture all required information such as Server IP Address's, etc.

Also wondering if there are any Avaya specific documentation, such as Avaya Features to capture (related Avaya reports to run) and which Cisco features they directly map too?

On the Avaya Partner web site they have a section called “The Anatomy of a Successful Cut” effectively this very useful area contains Spreadsheet Job Aids for Information gathering from the client/network folks, Visio Diagrams that can be downloaded and amended etc. I just wondered if such a space exists in the Cisco world?

Many thanks and look forward to your thoughts.

Kind Regards

Greg Cording

(But don’t hold it against me )

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello. Not sure if you have checked out the Migration Workshop section of this website. There are presentations on tips of what to gather when migrating the PBX, Voice-Mail and Contact Center from legacy environments.

The PBX Migration presentation includes links to example spreadsheets for gathering features and station reviews from the end user. I believe this information will assist you in your migration. I am not sure about an exact feature to feature comparison worksheet though. For the most part the features are comparable with things like "Send Call" on the Avaya being comparable to Immediate Divert on UCM. I would suggest looking at the "Features and Services guid on CCO for UCM 7.1.

I hope this helps, but again if you can look at the migration presenations I think they will be useful.

Morning Marquis

                         Many thanks for your reply, I did watch your presentation in "How to Migrate to Unified Communications from Legacy Phone Systems" however I couldn't find the documentation links you mentioned "links to example spreadsheets for gathering features and station reviews from the end user".

  Could you post the link to these pages into this discussion for me to look at?

  I am now well into the Migration Phase with the first users migrating on Monday the 30th, I must say your presentation has been extremely usesful as a roadmap to migrate the 780 users from the legacy Avaya to the CUCM and CUcnx enviroments, so many thanks for your help.

  I will share my Viso diagrams later for others to use once my feet hit the ground but if you could share those documents with me as a Sanity Check it would be most appreciated.

  Again many thanks for your presentation and assistance.

  Cheers Greg

Hey I am glad that the presentation helped, so thanks.

I am not sure what happened to that final link, but try this:

1. goto

2. click on downloads

3. you should see a FeatureInventory in pdf and excel format there

Let me know how the migration turns out.


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