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I am running CUAC version 11.0.1 and CUCM 11.0.1. We have updated our MOH file, however I am having trouble getting the Attendant Console to play the new file. I have uploaded the new file to CUCM and it is currently playing for phones, standard queues, and our premium queue. Basically the new MOH file is playing fine everywhere except AC. I've updated the network MOH and user hold MOH on the CTI route point for AC and reset the CTI route point. However, AC is still playing the previous MOH file. I've looked everywhere in the AC settings to see if there is a place where I have to change it there, but can't find anything. I thought that by changing the MOH on the CTI route point that would change it for AC. I haven't restarting the CUAC sever yet, but that might be what I try next. Am I missing a setting that needs to be changed? 

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Cassie,

Please update the new MOH audio source id on the CTI ports used by CUAC.


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Update the CTI ports in CUCM? I've already updated both the network and user hold MOH on the CTI ports. Or is there another place to update them?




Did you ever find out the cause. I have the same issue after updating MoH. I have reset the MoH servers, reset the CTI Ports and rebooted the CUAC servers. Some ports play the new MoH but some are just silent with no MoH.



I'm experiencing the same problem. Can you let me know if you found a resolution to this?

Yes I loaded the new MoH with a new ID and changed the CTI Ports to the new source. That seemed to resolve the issue.

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