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BAT for Application User CUCM 7.1

Level 1
Level 1

I would like to take the exported information, including controlled devices, for a TAPI account from End Users and import it into the Application Users. Can this be done?

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Aaron Harrison
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni


You can do this by using the BAT import/export feature, rather than the options under the BAT Users menu.

First, ensure you have an End User and an Application User already configured with some TAPI associations - this will ensure you get to see the required file format.

Go to Bulk ADministration/Import+Export in CCMAdmin, and select Export.

Enter a file name at the top, then check the boxes for Application User and End User, then export it. Once complete, go to Bulk Admin/Upload+Download Files.

Download your exported file.

In the tar file you will have two CSV files - the formats are quite similar, but with some different field headers. You should be able to take the record for your end user, and edit the field headers or values to match that for an end user.

Once done, put it back in the tar file and upload it. You can then import it using the IMport/Export menu.. I would try it first with an edited username so that you can test adding it, and then delete your end user and rename the app user.



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Thanks Aaron,

Looks like I have a bit of work to do to get it into the correct format.