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Hi All, Not sure if any else had a similar issue as the following.  We are using vsphere 6 on a Windows PC, I was able to download and upload files to the Datastore and it just stopped working.The file starts uploading and bombs out saying operation ...

corneliss by Beginner
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Dear all,I am trying to configure CUCM 11.0 to allow a third-party soft phone to register to CUCM over TLS (SIP over TLS), but failed.Does CUCM 11.0 supports third-party soft phone to register over TLS? If so, please kindly point out the relevant mat...

Hi Team,In our infrastructure we have implemented TEHO and users in one country can dial out other countries number and the call will be terminated from local countries voice gateway. So for example if Denmark based users want to dial out any Poland ...

Hi!,     We have a CUCM Cluster (one pub and two subscribers) in Due to the EOS of this version we need to upgrade to 12.5. As I read in the compatibility matrix, this jump is a "Direct Refresh".https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/...

Resolved! ESXi upgrade

Hi,It is probably asked before, but can we upgrade the ESXi on BE6000 machines?We have a customer with a UCS C220 M3 and ESXi 5.1They are going to upgrade the VCenter to 6.7 and they want the BE6000 to be in VCenterCan the UCS C220 M3 be upgraded to ...

j.huizinga by Frequent Contributor
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Hi, I'm considering allowing myself to be distracted from studies to take a peek at Amazon AWS. Has anyone tried running any Cisco UC Apps in there? I'd like to run a server or two in there and a CUBE if possible to connect to my home Lab. Can anyo...

richb1971 by Enthusiast
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