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Resolved! Report for IVR usage

Is there a way to generate a report on IVR usage for a number?  Historically our mainline went directly to an operator who routed calls manually.  Recently we put a recording in with a few IVR options to better help callers self-serve to get to the r...

fishizza1 by Beginner
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Multiple inbound calls from the same number reported at the same time

Agent detail report shows multiple inbound calls from the same number at the same time.  As the call comes in, the call is presented to the agent 25 - 40 times or more within a matter of a minute.  The call cannot be answered but the agent also canno...


CUCM VM migration from one host to another Host

Hi Team,   We have two UCS server ( UCS-C220-M3S ) and  UCS-C240-M5 . Currently  We have all the CUCM VMs on VMware ESXI 5.1 host on  UCS-C220-M3S. We want to migrate all of them to new USC server (UCS-C240-M5)   on host ESXi 6.5.   How can this be a...

CUAC attendant console advanced 12 integration with IM and Presence

hi all,   I have two queries.   1. is there a way to bulk upload speed dials on CUAC receptionist console?   2. This is new deployment, i have configured CUAC Advanced 12. i have to integrate CUAC with Cisco IM&Presence. i have configured following s...

nareh84 by Participant
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