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Best practise to upgrade CUCM 8.6 to 11.5 on new hardware and software

Can anyone advise the Best Practice to upgrade CUCM Hardware / Software   Current Hardware : UCS220 M3 New Hardware : BE6K Current CUCM Version : 8.6 new CUCM version : 11.5   High Level Plan (if possible!): Step1: Full Backup of current UCS220 serve...

Kennedy.A by Beginner
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CTI Connector in Salesforce getting logged off in about 30 mins

Hi,   Our call center agents use Salesforce within which there is a CTI connector module where they login with their agent credentials to initiate calls from within the Salesforce. The issue is that this login gets disconnected in about 30 minutes of...

CUCM 8.6 VG224/48 Licensing

I'm trying to understand how we used to license VG's in CUCM version 8.6.2? With the current CUCM version 8.6.2 VG's are working fine even though they are EOL/EOS My plan is to upgrade CUCM to 11.5 and VG's to VG350 which will require UCL Essential. ...

zulfi by Beginner
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CUCM 12.X | Call History - Call back without having to edit dial first and tac on '91'

Is there a way to go into your phone's call history (8851) and just call back the number directly without having to first edit dial and then tack on the '91' (9 to get an external line and the 1 for long distance) before the number? This has been the...

RITR by Beginner
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Cisco Unified Intelligence Center V.11 - Calls Handled x Total Inbound ACD

Dear all,   We use to different reports: - CSQ Agent Summary Report; - Agent Call Summary Report. What's the difference between the fields: Total Inbound ACD (Agent Call Summary Report)   x  Calls Handled (CSQ Agent Summary Repor). Because the total ...

AndreiaBB by Beginner
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