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I'm putting together a query that requires pulling a status for this field from a phone.  Can anyone tell me which table(s) it's located in?  I've looked everywhere and can't seem to find any decent documentation to do this.  Any help is appreciated.

Looking for help on how to configure an extension to ring to 2 internal extensions and 2 external phone numbers. The external numbers are long distance. If no one picks up the call, I want the call to go to voicemail.  Let's say the extension is 100....

Hello, I would like to know if has anyone used conference now in two different CUCM clusters, because I am facing an issue on that. Both clusters A and B are communicating with each other through a SIP Trunk and the Conference Now feature is enable o...

Hello Team, The Self Provisioning tool is a great addition to 10.x but we can't get it to work for phones whose MAC addresses are already configured/in the database.  It work great for new/out of the box phones but we get the following IVR errors fro...