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 Hello Guys, We have are planning to upgrade IOS version of ISR 4000 series Voice router to 17.3.4a version which requires Smart Licensing. We have Cisco Smart Software Manger On-Prem 8.X deployed in your network and Customer is enabled for Cisco Sma...

Hi, I'm not able to login RTMT. As soon as I enter the username and password the jave application of RTMT will be crashed. CUCM: I've already done follwoings: 1. keytool -import -file <An Import of CUCM-PUB Webpage Certificate> -al...

Ali Amir by Beginner
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Hi All, I've faced with a situation when I call our number from PSTN DTMF is working but "show voip rtp session named-event" shows no output. INVITE SDP received from telco: v=0o=- 3838370 8411136 IN IP4 x.x.x.xs=-c=IN IP4 x.x.x.xb=AS:0t=0 0m=audio 1...

I just rebooted my all my servers over the weekend by shutting them all down. Today I log into Unity Connection and see this error up top "The Cisco Unity Connection cluster subscriber server has changed to Primary Status (failover has occurred). To ...