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CER question: what information is provided on a call onsite alert?

Hello,I need to answer a customer the following question:If an emergency call is made from an ERL, what kind of information is shown on the associated onsite alert personnel phone?The CER documentation only says that the personnel receives a telephon...

Prefixing a 9 and 91 to incoming calls from SIP provider for callback

I am wondering what would be the best options  for prefixing a 9 or 91 to incoming calls over a sip connection to allow callback from missed calls and recieved calls. The setup iscallmanager 7.1.5 >>>>sip trunk>>>>>>>>>>>>CUBE>>>>>>>>>>>sip to ITSPI ...

Resolved! migration problem with CUCM 8.6(1a) to 8.6(2a)SU1

                   Hello all.Yesterday we have migrated our telephone infrastructure from CM8.6(1a) to CUCM8.6(2a)SU1 , but process fails,the error message is "02/18/2013 18:13:26 upgrade_install.sh|File:/usr/local/bin/base_scripts/upgrade_install.sh...