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BE6000 Automated Attendant

I need to know how many automated attendant ports can be configurade in BE6000.   Anybody knows?

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Thank you, so if I need 40 ports we must select Call Manager + Unity connection, right?

Unless the BU hasn't updated this sheet(which has hapenned from time to time) then based on the information they put out there I would say "Yes"


or you can use UCCX.

The bigger question is do you need 40 ports? I find sometimes using the port count from the PBX may not be an accurate representation of what you might need today

ports are used by Uconn for AA, Notification, TRAP and nowadays with UM other than AA the other two get eliminated. So you might want to dig a bit deeper on why 40 ports are needed.



yes, it is necesary to do it.


On the oder side, if I add UCCX to BE6000, how many AA ports can be configured?

I wonder if 24 ports from UConn + X port from UCCX = 40

What do you think?

I am not sure why you would combine the two. UCCX STD/ENH gives you as many IVR ports as you need based on the server capacity so technically you can use the 5 agent ENH that comes with every BE6K order and as a part of that support 100 IVR ports which is the max for the BE6K server



So, the right answer should be: 24 AA ports when using Uconn or 100 ports if using UCCX, both included in BE6000


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