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Bulk Edit preconfigured voicemail ports

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Level 1

I have a unity cluster that was not configured correctly for HA and all of the ports (144) are assioated to the publisher.

Is there a better way of changing the server on these ports apart from logging into the server and manually changing each port..

The doc says this but surely there is a faster way ?

To Configure the Voice Messaging Ports for a Cisco Unity Connection Cluster

Step 1 In Cisco Unity Connection Administration, expand Telephony Integrations, then select Port.

Step 2 On the Search Ports page, select the display name of the first voice messaging port in the Cisco Unity Connection cluster.

Step 3 On the Port Basics page, in the Server field, select the name of the applicable Cisco Unity Connection server depending on the port function. For details, see the “Voice Messaging Port Configuration for a Connection Cluster” section on page 8-1.

Step 4 Select Save.

Step 5 Select Next.


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Chris Deren
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Hall of Fame

Delete the port groups and re-build, it will take just couple of minutes.


I recently had a very similar requirement, to update the DN Calling Search Space on 250 ports, only to find this wasn't possible through BAT.

I ended up writing a Python script to update it using suds-jurko SOAP Library.

You'd just have to check the AXL Schema on Cisco DevNet to find the correct attributes for an updateVoiceMailPort request to update different attributes.

Sorry, I know it's only going to be useful if you're familiar with programming, but thought I'd post anyway.