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Cakll Manager 4.1 compatibility with Active Directory 2008


I need to know the compatibility

between windows 2008 Active Directory and Call Manager 4.1. I was told Call Manager

4.1 was incompatibile with windows 2008 AD. Is that Active Directory

2008 Domain and Forest functional level? I'm moving forw

ard with replacing all our windows 2003 DCs with Windows 2008 DCs. The question is will

call manager 4.1 be compatible? Need actual windows 2003 DC or can WIndows 200

3 forest and domain functional level enough?

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Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

That is not supported.

Cisco CallManager System Guide, Release 4.1(3)
Understanding the Directory

When Cisco CallManager must use the corporate LDAP directory, the  administrator must configure this capability by using the customer  directory plug-in. The Cisco Customer Directory Plugin allows you to  integrate Cisco CallManager with one of the following enterprise  directories:

Microsoft Active Directory (AD),  available with Microsoft Windows 2000

Microsoft Active Directory (AD 2003),  available with Microsoft Windows 2003

Netscape Directory Server, Version 4.1  and 4.2, and Sun ONE Directory Server 5.x



If this helps, please rate



if this helps, please rate

I am still not clear.

Can I have Windows 2008 DCs but be in windows 2003 AD forest and domian functionality mode?

Or does Callmanager require an actual windows 2003 DC? 


did you ever get a clear answer to your question?

We've just upgraded our test bed DC form Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008 (virtualized) with the AD Forest and domain functional levels at 2003, and now our ICM servers no longer work. I tried running ICMSetup and it comes back saying that it can't even see the 'Call Center Applications' OU on the DC anymore even though it exists.

Let me know if you heard anything back from anyone on this.



Hey Joe,

No I didn't get enough of an answer to move forward to remove the last two 2003 DCs. We are working on replacing Call Manager to the newer version. Let me know how your project turns out. I would spin up a 2003 DC and see if you get your functionality back or turn security auditing on for that OU to see what access is being denied.



My understanding for 4.x is you need a Windows 2000/2003 DC as the functionality is enabled via plug-in. I do not believe 2008 will work even in compatibility mode for your setup.


Hello gentlemen,

I just wanted to let you know that we actually got everything working again on our test bed environment.The DC is running on a virtualized Windows Server 2008 but with the forest and domain functional levels at 2003. What we had to do to resolve the ICM issues (Roggers, PGs and AW/HDS) was for all of the services that wouldn't automatically start, we had to update the 'log on as' settings to re-add those accounts and re-enter the passwords. Also, when running the ICMSetup util, it came back with an error saying that it couldn't see the 'Call Center Applications' OU even though it existed. To resolve that, we ran ICMSetup again, added the ICM instance, then upon going back to the main screen, exiting then re-running ICMSetup, everything worked again and the error did not re-occur. We were able to click on the various instance components (PG1A, CG1A, etc) where as before doing that, those instances were greyed out.

For our CallManager server 4.1(3) we didn't need to resolve anything on it. It appears to be running ok and phones are registered to it as well.

Mind you, this is a test bed environment, and the old test bed DC was created a few years ago, and with this new one being a copy of our existing production DC, there were many changes and updates done to it, so that's probably why the old accounts weren't recognized and new ones were created.

We don't think that will happen in our production environment, but even so, we're not going to upgrade our production DCs to Windows Server 2008 just yet.

Thanks for the feed back.


Thanks Joe for the update. Nice work!

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