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Call Handler answer inexistent extension

Level 1
Level 1

Hi, we are using Cisco Unity Connection 8.5.1ES16.11900-16 and an odd error is occurring.

We had a translation from CUCM to Unity Call Handler extension 104807, occurs that we were unable to change greetings on this specific call handler.

Prior to perform tests, we changed call handler extension from 104807 to 10480711, but while call to 104807 we still are able to hear 104807 old message.

While monitoring on Port Monitor it displays 104807 as Called, but that no longer exists on Unity.

Seems that 104807 got stucked on Unity Cache, but I could not find nothing on that sense by looking on forums.

Do we need to reboot Cisco Unity, or is there another way prior to resolve it?

PS. There are 2 Unity (Primary, and Failover) - according to Port Monitor calls are forwarding to Primary, where changes were made

PS. We made a workaround which were create a new Call Handler, hence service works, this thread is to obey current site design.

Apretiate your help.

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Wes Sisk
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello,  It sounds like Unity did not keep up with the configuration change.  This forum is for discussing specific defects. For troubleshooting and remediation I recommend posting to the Unity Connection forum or opening a Cisco TAC case.  Regards, Wes

Level 1
Level 1

Hi, we figured that actually there was a Direct Routing Rule forwarding from 104807 to Call Handler (I forgot to check it ).

An odd behavior on Unity is that if we change Call Handler to a non system language (eg System default language is Spanish, and we change it to English) Unity play message "Sorry is not available".

I believe this was designed like that, but I don't see a reason to play such message for a Call Handler.

Anyway, problem is resolved, thank's