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Can not Connect to ESXI Management IP address

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Level 1

Hi Cisco Experts,

We have a BE6000 after a reboot we lost connectivity to the ESXI host IP address.

The port on the switch is connected to the management port on the BE6000.

Esxi IP address is

subnet /24

Default gateway

The Core switch where it is connected to has the default management vlan in vlan 1 (

Why is it not connecting to the esxi host IP?

Thanks in advance,

1 Accepted Solution

Accepted Solutions

Are those NICs showing connected?

Is VLAN ID assigned to the connection?

How are the ports configured on the switch side?

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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Is ESXi running? Did you try connecting via vKVM from CIMC? What do you see on the screen and when connecting to ESXi (F2) can you check which NICs are assigned to management and perform network testing from there?

Hi Chris,

When connected with KVM to that module we can connect into the configuration side we can change the IP configuration etc also do ping tests to check the ip config. which fails.

in the network adapter selection you get 4 options do you know which would be the option would be the one for the management interface?

Currently it is on the bottom 2 of the 4. so 2 are selected.


Are those NICs showing connected?

Is VLAN ID assigned to the connection?

How are the ports configured on the switch side?

All ports on the Network adapter shows connected but like is said only bottom half is selected top 2 ports are not selected.

VLAN ID is not configured on the module.

Port configuration is

switchport mode access
spanning-tree portfast

Vlan 1 IP is on Core Switch.

So it should be in same subnet as the config mentioned above for IP and gateway.

Just a headsup,

I can connect to the CIMC portal I'm talking about when you boot into RAID and the ESXI page shows up and you press F2 to configure or F12 to reboot.

It is Yellow and black screen. That IP I cant connect to.

Regards and thank you,

Switchport mode was access and not Trunk.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!


Jonathan Schulenberg
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Also a reminder that the Management port on the physical server only supports CIMC. All other traffic - including ESXi vmKernel - must use one of the LOM or add-in card NIC ports.

Hi Jonathan,

If I have it correct the management port on the CIMC module, the IP address that you configure on there is used to connect to the VSphere "host"?

Is this correct?