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Can't download NZ version 18 dial plan.

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Phillip Remaker
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Worked for me?  What was the error?  Maybe it was a transient problem?

I was able to download both dp-ffr.301-8.NZ.cop.sgn (10.4kb) and dp-ffr.3-1-18.GB.cop.sgn (20.4kb)

Oh, I think i see - you are saying it has the version 8 and not the version 18 NZ plan, right?


Cisco Unified Communications Manager Signed Dial Plan 7.x for New Zealand
28-AUG-2012 0.02 MB
Cisco Unified Communications Manager Signed Dial Plan 7.x for New Zealand
12-JUN-2008  0.02 MB

The first file, GB version 18, is incorrectly labelled "New Zealand".

The second file, also labelled "New Zealand" is the NZ version 8 file, not the expected NZ version 18 file.

The page where the NZ version 8 file should be, is empty:

OK, got it.  Sent the link to this thread to the software center people.  I can't commit to a fix time, but I think I am putting this in front of the right people.

This has been fixed. Please verify.

NZ version 18 is listed now.

Yes. That one is fixed, but it is still a mystery why the dial plans for two different countries, namely NZ and GB would be on the same page - especially when the GB plan is the latest version but the NZ plan is not the latest version.

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