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Cannot view Subscriber profile

Level 1
Level 1

I have a problem in displaying the profile of a subscriber in the SA. When I click on subscriber and select profile, I get a clean white page with no errors logged. I can display the subscriber's account, phone password, etc.. but not the profile.

Also when I click on Add to add a subscriber, I get the same clean white page with no errors.

I checked the IIS manager. I tried to right-click and browse all those .asp files located under web/sa/bodyASP. All of them work fine except for those starting with "Subs" for example subsActBody.asp and SubsAddPopBody.asp.

Please advice if you have a solution for this problem.

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Level 1
Level 1

I can view everything fine in a new Unity 4.0 (4) install , but when I click on the "add subscriber" button . I get a new window with a page cannot be displyed. Still baffled.

In either one of these cases, right click on the white form and select "View source" - down near the bottom, are there any errors?

be sure to turn off the client browsers "show Friendly HTTP errors" and "Disable script debugging" options and turn on client browsers "Script error notification"

if the script generating those pages has a problem, it shoudl show up in the source there.

I have configured the browser as above but not yet. I forgot to mention that I had this problem after applying the SR1. After opening a TAC case, I have been told to apply the ES76 (Engineering Special) after installing the SR1. I will try that and let you know the results.