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CCX 4.0(5) Inop after Publisher shut down

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Level 1

Hi all,

I have a situation that I need assistance with. I am upgrading our UC applications and need to remove the CM PUBLISHER from the cluster to upgrade. When I power down the PUB the only thing not working is my CCX 4.0 agents cannot log into CAD. I have looked at the configruation in CCX and the only thing I see not referencing both the PUB and SUB is the LDAP section on the CCX server. The LDAP is set to DC Directory so I am assuming it is using the DC Directory of the PUB for agent authentication and this is why they cannot log in. How can I get CCX to work without the PUB? Should I be looking at other settings for failing CCX over to the SUB?

Thanks in advance.

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Graham Old
Level 7
Level 7

You are correct that CCX needs to access DC Directory not just for the agent login but it keeps a bunch of other information in DC directory.

Its been a while since I setup a CCX 4.0(5) but I am pretty certain if you go to the "Cisco Call Manager LDAP server information" you can define more than one IP address. You can enter multiple IP address separated by a comma as in:,

If it can't connect to the Pub it should fail over to the Sub. You will need to restart the engine or just bounce the server to be sure.


Thanks much for the reply. So the SUB keeps a copy of the DC Directory (statment not a question) and I should put in the SUBs address in the UCCX LDAP configuration using the comma. Nice! I will try this.