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CDR Management - Failed to add address SFTP (Web Page)

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Level 1

Hello everyone. This text was written with the help of a google translator.

I'm having trouble adding an SFTP server via the CDR Management web page.

My call manager version is 11.5.

Here are details and all the tests I did.

I currently have two addresses that are normally sending tickets, via SFTP and via FTP.
These addresses have been added to the system since version 10.5, which was recently updated to 11.5

When trying to add a third address (I tested two different sftps with access ok):

- By SFTP on the web page I have a failure asking to check the address or credential (image attached)

- However, I can access the same address, with the same credentials, and transfer the sftp file via CLI by the publisher (attached image).

I can also add the address via FTP but the files are being sent empty.
Unlike the other addresses that were already in the system and continue to send files normally.

What I found capturing packets to analyze via wireshark is something related to key exchange.
But I can't understand why I can do it via CLI, and I can't do it via the Web.

How can I capture more information to resolve this issue?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee



Please make sure that your SFTP supports one of the supported ciphers:


Cipher Support

For Unified Communications Manager 11.5, Unified Communications Manager advertises the following CBC and CTR ciphers for SFTP connections:

  • aes128-cbc

  • 3des-cbc

  • aes128-ctr

  • aes192-ctr

  • aes256-ctr

Refer to the following documentation

Kaloyan , Thanks for the answer.

I'll check and report here.

I had a similar problem, when a linux server that received my backups stopped accepting my Cipher.

However, in this case, I have a doubt.
I can access the SFTP address through the publisher's CLI connection and transfer a file.

Does the sftp connection made through the web page use another type of Cipher negotiation, different from the CLI connection?

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